"And there be such intense darkness that one can feel it" - [ Exodus 10:21 ]

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1996, October. Fox TV presents the new Chris Carter phenomenon to seventeen million viewers. MillenniuM is born. The premiere was a record breaking success, debuting to the highest ratings for a drama series in the network’s history. However, week after week the ratings began to decline, as more and more people felt repulsed by the show’s dark and sinister vision. The constant humorless approach was considered too "tough". And it's true. MillenniuM is neither an action or a mystery show. It is "just" good versus evil.

Very dark but not especially spectacular, the hero, Frank Black is hunting the quiet evil, the same one which resides in every human being, in the deepest of our nightmares ... Here is the real point of violence of the serie. And this idea is more terrifying than any images. It has probably been an achievement of Chris Carter to have Lance Henriksen playing Frank Black, an ex FBI profiler who have the special ability to see murders with the killer’s perspective. a man tortured by the forces surrounding him as well as by the gift provided to him. In season 1 and 2 Frank Black works with the shadowy MillenniuM Group. In season 3, he will fight this group. What exactly is the MillenniuM Group ?

Except it is more than 880 years old, we'll never know. Conspiracy is much less obvious in MillenniuM than in XFiles ... During 3 seasons, Chris Carter shows us the darkest and brightest sides of humanity observed through the eyes of Frank Black. And this battle of good and evil had never been represented in such an emotionally style, in one of the finest television shows of all-time. ( Remember, we talk about the 90's here )

It's the consequentiality of the show that must have meant its cancellation. Its descent into darkness, mysticism and utter hopelessness, though combined with a constantly high quality, may have been too hard to bear. From my point of view, Season 1 and 2 are the best. And MillenniuM is still one of the better TV show ever produced by TV majors. MillenniuM won the People's Choice Award for Best New Drama in 1996 but despite this, the show has ended after only 3 seasons in 1999 ...


It's almost 10 years now since the first episode of MillenniuM aired. In 2013, XFiles celebrate its own 20 years. And it is still kicking and living. MillenniuM, even if less known, is just as the same. Actually there are fans who campaign for a return, or at least, for a proper end ( err, don't start me on that XFiles episode ... ) There's even a book ! Fandom is still looking for a show that could be as good as MillenniuM, talking about life, evil and good, about what makes us human without all the fluff. We are still waiting.

A grown-up serie like MillenniuM left its mark, specially since it aired while XFiles, leaving the impression that MillenniuM was for adult and willing to go deeper than XFiles ( who was already more deep than your average show ) It was deranging that no humor was in, that there was no love or sexual tension between characters, it was all about the stories and mostly about the questioning. Not that your neighbor could be a serial killer but that every nature could be corrupt for any reasons, that we all had a reason. Of course, since MillenniuM, bunch of films and series talked about it. MillenniuM was first to nag you about it. You had to question yourself. That, is the sign of a great tv show.


Bob Bletcher : What do you see ?
Frank Black : I see what the killer sees.
Bob Bletcher : What, like a psychic ?
Frank Black : No. I put myself in his head. I become the thing we fear the most.
Bob Bletcher : How ?
Frank Black : I become capability. I become the horror. What we know we can become only in our heart of darkness. It's my gift. It's my curse.
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