The paper is delivered to subscribers by owl, and subscribing costs 1 knut. The paper features a morning and evening edition, the latter of which is called the Evening Prophet. The weekend edition is the Sunday Prophet.

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The Daily Prophet is a newspaper, a journal, a media. As such, its purpose is to inform and have a critical analysis of event. But that's not really the point with the Daily Prophet. It looks like it's the only newspaper of the magical world, thus it can't be independent. The Ministry of Magic is often preying to be seen as the Good in each story. And most of the time, it lacks a good analysis. So why loving such a paper ? Because it is the only one of course ! Except the Quibbler but that one and Weekly Witch are more magazines than newspapers. Plus,really, when you have a look at it you can only love it !

Just like any small town newspaper, the Daily Prophet talks local and doesn't seem to care about objectivity or facts, they just relate stuff happening and not caring at all for the consequences. You'd think it's a small paper with not big deal, that's when you meet their reporter and understand they like to think highly of themselves ( they are reporter for the Daily Prophet afterall ) and can only make hits with scandalous articles just like any trash paper. So cool ... than you realize the newspaper is just a business like any other, it needs to sells, must explain the many publicities. So what is the point to read such a lousy newspaper ? Well, because it is the only one, it ain't expensive and it does relate each and everything that happens in the Magical Community. Sure, once in while you need intelligent news, with critics and opinions but most of the time, you just don't want to get out of the loop. That's what the Daily Prophet is.

Now, since we are talking about newspaper, let's talk about some credits !

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