Credits and all are on the first page, this is to explain a bit more the whole Cthulhu thing :)

"Call of Cthulhu" is a full universe, consequently, you can find references to it almost everywhere. First of all, this is literature. Very dark one. We won't go into the philosophy behind Lovecraft's ideas we don't share. We prefer the mystery part. The big adventure part. But Cthulhu is also games of all kind and movies. No kidding. You probably know Cthulhu from books or from games, the movies are more B-series and really not good ones. So, it is, on it's more popular form, a tabletop rpg game : The Call of Cthulhu, a full game with loads of extensions, sets in the past, the future or the present, that's the advantage with monsters such as Cthulhu, they can fit anywhere, anytime. So ! Since people love to play with octopus, Cthulhu is also a card game, the kind that you keep buying cards to make a better deck. It is multiples of board games such as Arkham Horror and Elder Signs or Eldrich Horror. Really, they never stop making Cthulhu games 'cause there is no perfect way to lose sanity while closing portals.

Let's face it : we are huge fans, because that whole universe is just ours, with such horrible monsters one can't stand knowing about them. It is fear at it's pure state. We like it. And it makes perfect ground to build stories and adventures :D