The ancient art Care of Magical Creatures

Harry Potter's Wondrous World is bigger than one imagine at first. Sure, it becomes amazing once they learn about dragons but everything are in the details. At Hogwarts, you learn multiple thing and one that is underestimated is Care of Magical Creatures. Welcome to the Care of Magical Creatures fanlisting. Are you one of those that love to take care of creatures ? If so, join us and discover fellow veterinarian wizards on the member list. Well, care of magical creatures isn't just about taking care of non-speaking animals. It is also about plants and talking creatures. So many things depend on magical creatures : ingredients for potions or for spells, means of transportations, leisures, researches, living with others and that include muggles. Do you know how floo powder is made ? That's what I thought ... sure a bezoar is in the stomach of a goat but how do you expect to get it ? Slaughter a poor lamb ? For Merlin's sake I hope not ! Care of magical creatures isn't just for the animal-lover kind, I assure you, you should join us.

Magical world is full of creatures, more than we can imagine. Some are under the Ministry of Magic's protection, others are so common even muggles can see them. Some are useful and others seems to exist only to bug us off. Let's not talk about those who are purely mythical and of those we can't imagine yet. Creatures. Living in nature with non magical creatures in harmony. How come muggles and wizards can't do the same ? Probably why you prefer magical creatures ;) Magical creatures need special attention but it is not the main reason to learn about magical wildlife, it is to understand them better. They need to be understand, to be known and thus, to be respect as the unique specie that each of them are. Calling a centaur an half-breed only because it is half-man and half-horse is insulting their gigantic knowledge of astronomy, nor are they the accident of a strange love between an horse and a man ... but how can the normal wizard know that if one doesn't take interest in it ? Do centaurs take interest in us ? Not since we called them half-breed and gave them a square of forest to live.

Magical Creatures and You

Do you know what thestral eat ? You do know it is them who pull Hogwarts' carts, do you ? See, you need to take a class. Magical creatures are all around us and wizards are using them for the lesser tasks. Come on, show your support !

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Sirenes salutantibus

Mer-people aren't really friendly but that shouldn't stop you to aknowledge their existence.

Giving Back to Newt Scamander

Why would we consider other magical species as lesser than wizards ? Because they can't "cast a spell" ? Well, they are as magical as us. What makes us magical ? The ability to send magic thru a piece of wood we call wand ? What about dragons spitting fire ? How can they fly ? Well, there is a school for that, why only some classes for caring other magical creatures ?

Let's thank Newt and all the others writers of numerous books on magizoolgy, to all the wizards working in all the departments of the Ministry of Magic related to magical creatures, trying to make their life a bit easier.

We are 11 students and 0 are eager to take the class. The class was last updated on the 07th December 2016.

So let's thank TFL for approving this fanlisting. Let's not forget JKR. But mostly fans. You are doing it all :)

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