Welcome to the Butterbeer Fanlisting
Here, we support Harry Potter Wondrous World and we are fans of Butterbeer


We are die-hard fans of Harry Potter Wondrous World since the very beginning. Or almost. Well, it is not the point. We are a small collective doing websites to share our common passion. We are not helpless fans, we like to reflect on what we like and why. We have websites on different subject, fanlistings and one more important website : Wizards Working on Web ( in french ) were we used to expose our theories. We had lots of fun :)

Years passed and we kept the boat floating. TFL crashed and we were still there. Like some other fanlistings too but it was interesting to see who sticked around and who did not. We decided to keep our fanlistings because, well, we can not really act as if it was not an important part of our way to show how fans we are. Plus, it was so cool to learn coding with different subjects, at the time, one could have a fanlisting about anything. It was creative, inventive. It was fun. Reminds us of a childhood but for webcoder - first drawings, first experiments :)

Childhood is over and we are much more grown up. We do websites on subject we hope to make a difference with, we try to change the webdesigning practices ( offline that is ), we still think and try to make things differently. We just never get rid of our favorites small websites, constant reminder of where we started and where we are heading.

Yes, so we do websites, manage fanlistings and keep writing theories. We don't only make Harry Potter's websites but they are not on Dazhibao. We encourage you to visit the whole collective for more fanlistings and finding gateways to other stuff. Don't hesitate to contact us, we like to share with other fans :) We hope you have a fun time on our sites that we try to make more than just fan sites.

As you already know, when we are fan, then, we are really fan :D