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Butterbeer Fanlisting

Butterbeer ... It's like anything else in Hogsmeade. You want it. You need it. You still wonder how you can live without knowing its taste. You read over and over again the description of the taste, description of Harry Potter's first Butterbeer and drops of saliva are on the book. And here you are.

Imagining you are surfing the net, a bottle of Butterbeer next to you, surely because you are away of Hogsmeade and Hogwarts and Butterbeer is the only connection with the magical world. Well, it's what you like to think. I understand. I also feel the same. After an hard evaluation at school I dream of a Butterbeer. I dreamt of something like butterbeer and JKR made it. I can't remember all of the time in RPG I loved to go to the 3 Broomsticks or the Leaky Cauldron to have a good time and to say the mythic: Mrs. Rosemerta ... 2 Butterbeers please !

When you think of a Butterbeer ( after having wipe out the saliva ) what does it make you think of ? It makes me think of sweet moments with my friends. It makes me think of Trio tasting Butterbeer. I think of the first reunion of Dumbledore's Army. I think of all the Quidditch teams victories in every common room, of all the Butterbeer that are surely drink and I think of how many more butterbeer will be drink in the Harry Potter wondrous world and I think that, it's as many memories and I think that I would also like Butterbeer for that if I could have some. I surely don't look at Butterbeer like a normal drink ;)

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HButterbeer is so popular that when the Harry Potter Theme Park was made, it was the most important thing people and marketing wanted in the Food Part. Butterbeer. It is, from all the magical food the only one with some many recipe. Where do you see recipe for a pumpkin juice or chocolate frogs ? No really, it is the only one that people really try to make.

PThere is numbers of recipe. Hot or cold. With bubbles or without. Alcohol or not. Really. All kind. People keep trying to make the perfect one and designers try to make the perfect stickers for them. At least you can buy a chop with Butterbeer written on it. But nothing really satisfy your need for a real one. Nor the cream-soda one that you find the in Harry Potter Theme Park.

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Well, well, well ... let's talk about some credits :) First, This fanlisting is approved by TFL ... Basic sources : all names and characters are © JKR ( of course )

We wanted to make these pages a bit more than just a picture inside a layout which would only tell : be a fan ... In fact, we think that every fan of any subject deserves a bit more, more pictures ( when it is possible ) and more texts.

We wished to make this fanlisting a subject of joyness for all Harry Potter Wondrous World :) We still do not know if it's ok but, well, we really hope so. A Special thank you to ALL our members ... There are more than 150 fans of this fanlisting :)

This fanlisting is fully html5 and css3 designed :) upon a basic structure from Elemis ... The Butterbeer stickers in the slider are a beautiful creation from : Krypton who kindly hosts us too :)

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